Ashtavakrasana Steps, Benefits and Precautions

Ashtavakrasana (Eight Angle Pose) Steps, Benefits and Precautions: Today, scientists have confirmed how good yoga is for health and well-being through many types of research. Yoga can keep the body healthy as well as maintain mental health. Also, we need to understand that yoga is not just a kriya; it is a combination of many yoga asanas and postures. One of this yoga is Ashtavakrasana. In this article, we talk about the benefits of doing Ashtavakrasana for good health. Stay tuned till the end of the article for complete details.

What is Ashtavakrasana

Ashtavakrasana, which benefits the eight limbs, comprises three words, Ashta means eight, the Vakra represents bent, and Asana means posture. In this asana, the body is twisted from eight places to form a curved structure, i.e., when this asana is practiced, the body turns from eight areas; hence it is called Ashtavakrasana. The benefits of doing Ashtavakrasana are of many types from the point of view of health. In the article, we tell the benefits and how to do Ashtavakrasana in detail.

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Benefits of Astavakrasana (Eight Angle Pose):

Whatever may be yoga, if done in the right way, it can help keep the mind and the body healthy. Similarly, Ashtavakrasana can also help keep the body and mind healthy. Here we are telling about them.

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Let’s Know Astavakrasana Benefits

1. In menstruation

Women who do Ashtavakrasana regularly can feel relief in pain during menstruation. Ashtavakrasana strengthens the abdominal muscles. It can have a positive effect on abdominal pain during menstruation. However, research work is yet to be done on whether it can relieve stomach pain or not.

2. Reduce Stress

Benefits of doing Ashtavakrasana may include stress reduction. People who do Ashtavakrasana yoga posture increase their concentration and control their thoughts and emotions easily. Thus yoga can help in reducing stress levels and symptoms of mental disorders.

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3. Constipation Problem

There can also be benefits of doing Ashtavakrasana yoga to reduce the problem of constipation. Regular practice of Ashtavakrasana can improve digestive health and help prevent digestive issues like constipation. While doing Ashtavakrasana puts a lot of pressure on the stomach and internal intestine and strengthens the abdominal muscles. This can improve bowel movements.

4. Reduce Acidity

Along with constipation, Ashtavakrasana can also be beneficial to reduce the problem of acidity. As we mentioned, while doing Ashtavakrasana puts a lot of pressure on the stomach and internal intestine, increasing the production of digestive juices and enzymes that can help digest proteins and carbohydrates. It can also help in reducing the acid present in the stomach.

5. Strengthening muscles

The practice of Ashtavakrasana (Eight Angle Pose) helps to stretch and contract various muscles, such as biceps and triceps, diaphragm, back muscles, abdominal and core, psoas, pelvic floor muscles. This stretch helps to strengthen the wrists, elbows, arms and shoulders, chest, hips, knees, ankles, and spine.

6. Increases energy and stamina

Ashtavakrasana practiced to build strength in the body, the eight angles pose being a challenging arm balancing pose helps build stamina as in this pose the whole body rests on the hands and shoulders, keeping the balanced complex. And it requires patience. Therefore, we can say that it helps increase strength and energy in the body, preparing for challenging balancing postures.

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7. Tones the body

This overall body-strengthening asana keeps the body well-toned, including the abdominal muscles, legs, arms, buttocks, hips, and sides of the back. With an overall toned body, there is scope for lengthening of the spine, thereby maintaining the original shape of the spine.

How to Do Astavakrasana (Eight Angle Pose):

The method of doing Ashtavakrasana is neither very easy nor very complicated, yet it will be better if it is done by asking or in front of a yoga guru. Here we are telling you How to Do Astavakrasana Step By Step Procedure.

  1. First of all, lay a yoga mat on flat ground and sit on it in Shukhasana.
  2. Now spread both your legs forward.
  3. Interlock the toes of both your feet.
  4. After this, put your right hand in the middle of both the feet and put your palm on the ground.
  5. After this, keeping the left-hand parallel to the shoulder, place the palm of the left hand on the ground.
  6. Keep in mind that one hand is to be placed in the middle of both the feet and the other hand on the ground by the side of the left foot.
  7. Now slowly try to raise the body and legs by emphasizing the hands.
  8. Try to raise your body as high as you can.
  9. Take care not to put excessive pressure on the hands.
  10. Now take long, deep breaths in this state and release.
  11. After that, come to the starting position.
  12. In this way, this process can be repeated at least 3 to 5 times.
  13. This exercise may seem daunting in the beginning, but if done regularly it can be done easily.

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Astavakrasana (Eight Angle Pose) Step By Step Instructions Video:

Common mistake

Avoid these errors to get the proper benefits of this mudra.

  • Do not keep your hands very close to your hips; Place them at a distance of about a foot in front of your hips so you can bend your elbows and lift your hips easily.
  • If your outer elbow isn’t close to your ribs, your outer shoulder will drop too low, and the pressure on you will increase, causing you to bruise.

Safety and Precautions for doing Ashtavakrasana

Ashtavakrasana may seem a complicated asana initially, but it can be eased with regular practice. There are a few things to keep in mind while doing this. As if:

  • If one suffers from a wrist, shoulder, or hand injury, avoid doing this mudra.
  • Make sure to practice this yoga pose under the guidance of a professional yoga teacher. If you do this pose yourself, you can run the risk of injuring yourself.
  • If experiencing difficulty lifting your right leg so that it rests on your arm, work on your flexibility for the range of motion of your leg.
  • Avoid straining yourself to get into the pose; instead, one can do forward bending and standing exercises such as Marichi’s Pose or Marichyasana to prepare your body and strengthen it for Ashtavakrasana (Eight-Angle Pose).

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