Dhanurasana Yoga (Bow Pose) Steps, Benefits And Precautions

Dhanurasana Yoga (Bow Pose) Steps, Benefits, And Precautions: Yoga asanas can help improve not only physical but also mental health. That is why in this article, we are talking about Dhanurasana Yoga. Here we will explain the benefits of Dhanurasana, how to do it, and the precautions related to it. At the same time, everyone needs to know that yoga is necessary to be done under the supervision of an expert to take advantage of its health. In addition, yoga asanas are benefited when if included in the routine and healthy diet.

What is Dhanurasana Yoga (Bow Pose)

During this yoga, the body’s posture becomes like a bow, so it is called Dhanurasana. Dhanurasana is made up of two words. Dhanu (Sagittarius) and Asana. “Dhanu” is a Sanskrit word that means bow. On the other hand, “asana” means pose or posture. Dhanurasana is considered to be one of the 12 Hatha Yoga. Bow Pose yoga is done by bending the waist after lying on the stomach. This asana can be beneficial for the body in many ways.

Level: Basic
Style: Vinyasa
Duration: 15 to 20 seconds
Repetition: None
Stretches: Abdomen, Thorax, Thighs, Ankles, Groin, Psoas major muscle, Throat, Front of the body
Strengthens: Back

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Preparatory poses

  • Bhujangasana or Cobra Pose
  • Urdhva Mukha Svanasana or Upward-Facing Dog Pose

Dhanurasana Yoga (Bow Pose) Benefits

Bow Pose is one of the advanced yoga methods, which has many health benefits; If you read the health benefits of the Dhanurasana Yoga Pose, you would like to do this yoga pose every day because it keeps all the internal organs of your body strong and healthy. This posture is a boon for a person who desires good health. So let us know, What are the Benefits of Dhanurasana Yoga Pose (Bow Pose)?

1. Strengthen the back

Dhanurasana can be beneficial in strengthening the waist and back. Doing this yoga can increase the flexibility of the spine as well as support the back muscles. At the same time, a recent study has also revealed that Bow Pose can also help relieve back pain in women.

This yoga pose can reduce the intensity of back pain and also lead to flexibility in the waist. Keep in mind that it can only benefit you when you do yoga continuously.

2. Prevention of anxiety and depression

Dhanurasana, like yoga, can be beneficial for relieving depression and anxiety. According to a study published in the NCBI (National Centre of Biotechnology Information), yoga can help reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety.

The study considers yoga to be an effective way to improve anxiety and depression conditions. According to this study, increasing levels of cortisol hormone can cause depression.

On the other hand, yoga can reduce the level of this cortisol hormone, thereby preventing the risk of depression.

3. Helpful in toning the leg and arm muscles

The benefits of Dhanurasana yoga can also improve the tone of the leg and arm muscles. Bow Pose can tone muscles and improve the elasticity (elastic tissue) of ligaments (elastic tissue around joints). Tell us that tone of muscles means maintaining the level of stress in the muscles. All muscles in the body maintain stress levels or stress prevention levels. This stress helps in controlling and preserving the natural posture of the body.

It also helps in maintaining quick muscle reaction and mobility. In addition, you can see the benefits of Bow Pose to stretch the muscles of the torso, heel, and waist.

4. Strengthen the abdominal muscles

The benefits of Dhanurasana also include strengthening the abdominal muscles. Dhanurasana yoga is a total back-turning yoga. Bow Pose causes stretching of all the powers of the body; that is, they are stretched. Bow Yoga Pose can strengthen the abdominal muscles, and It can also increase appetite.

5. Stimulate reproductive organs

You can also see the benefits of Dhanurasana to stimulate the reproductive organs. According to some research conducted on this, Dhanurasaran yoga can stimulate the uterus. It can also increase blood flow and relieve back pain during menstruation. Another study also mentions that Dhanur asana stimulates the abdominal organs.  

6. Kidney related disorders

It is believed that regular doing yoga posture can also prevent kidney disorders. According to a study, the six-month yoga program, including Dhanurasana Yoga, become beneficial in lowering blood pressure and improving kidney function. It can believe that Dhanur asana, like yoga, can be helpful for kidneys.

The point to note here is that there are some kidney-related severe problems that a doctor can treat. The benefits of Dhanurasana include not removing the disease but preventing the disease and reducing its symptoms.

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Dhanurasana Yoga (Bow Pose) Step By Step Instructions

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Dhanurasana Yoga (Bow Pose) Steps, Benefits And Precautions

There are many benefits of yoga, yoga brings positivity, and at the same time, it cures diseases and keeps you healthy. Yoga only benefits when you do it properly, Then so let us know What are the Steps of Dhanurasana Yoga (Bow Pose)?

  1. First, lay the yoga mats on the flat place.
  2. Now lie down on the yoga mat on your stomach.
  3. After lying down, bend your knees and hold the ankles tight with your hands.
  4. Then inhale and lift your head, chest, and thigh upwards.
  5. During this posture, the body shape will look like a bow.
  6. Make sure not to force your body during this time.
  7. Now stay in this posture to the capacity of yourself and breathe and exhale slowly.
  8. When you have to come back to the early stages, come down with a deep breath.
  9. This asana can be done two to three times.

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Beginner’s Tip to do Dhanurasana Yoga (Bow Pose)

  1. First of all, do not create any stress in the body.
  2. If the upper and lower part of the body is not stretched, do not force it. This can cause injury.
  3. Support the thighs if they find it difficult to lift them while doing Dhanur asana in the early stages.
  4. A blanket can be rolled and placed under the thighs to support the thighs. This will help in raising the thighs.
  5. It can also be beneficial to stretch the body a little before doing yoga.

Dhanurasana Yoga (Bow Pose) Step By Step Procedure With Video

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Dhanurasana Yoga (Bow Pose) Precautions

Along with knowing how to perform Dhanurasana Yoga and what are the benefits of Dhanurasana Pose, it is also essential to know about some precautions related to it, Generally, the practice of Bow Pose is safe in every way and can be practiced by everyone. let us know what safeguards and precautions a person should take while doing Bow Pose, Then so now let’s know Who should not do Dhanurasana Yoga Pose (Bow Pose)?

  1. People suffering from heart problems should avoid this asana.
  2. A patient with high blood pressure is also advised not to do this asana.
  3. A person suffering from hernia and stomach ulcers should not do this asana.
  4. Do not practice this asana immediately after meals.

Follow-up poses

  • Matsyasana or Fish Pose
  • Setu Bandhasana or Bridge Pose
  • Urdhva Dhanurasana or Chakrasana or Wheel Pose

After knowing all these qualities, we hope you will never have to say how to do Dhanurasana Yoga (Bow Pose) And What are its Benefits, Steps & precautions.

frequently asked Questions

Who should not do Dhanurasana?

Heart patients, hernias, stomach ulcers, and pregnant women should avoid doing this asana. Therefore, people suffering from the problems mentioned in the article must consult a doctor before performing Dhanurasana.

How often can sagittarius be done?

If someone is including Dhanurasan yoga in his lifestyle for the first time, people should do it only once to twice a week. On the other hand, people who have become accustomed to Dhanurasana can do it daily.

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