Extramarital Affairs: Causes, Reasons & Effects (You Must Know)

Causes of Extramarital Affairs: Married life is very important for every human being. It is not only important for a particular person, but many lives are attached to a marriage. That is why when infidelity hits home in a relationship, we should consider many facts before reaching for any argument in a hurry. Do your best to find out if there are any valid reasons that prompted the spouse to take this step. Be fair in this analysis.

What is Extramarital Affair?

In simple language, after marriage, a man or woman falling in love with someone other than the partner or having a physical, emotional or mental relationship with a non-person is called an extra-marital affair. In Indian culture, marriage is a bond of loyalty between two people.

In this relationship, both the partners are completely devoted to each other, but in the changing environment, affairs of the affair have become common after marriage. According to statistics, about 50% of married men and 25% of married women in India fall in love with someone else after marriage.

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Types of Extramarital Affairs

If you think that only physically cheating on a spouse is an extra-marital affair, it is not. There are three types of extramarital affairs, which we are talking about below.

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Extramarital Affairs: Causes, Reasons & Effects

1. Lust-Only Affairs

This type is the most common of all cases. In it, the two go for sex only because it makes them feel sexually free in a quiet relationship. They have no plans to leave their respective partners, and only they enjoy sex in bed. Such cases often end as the excitement calms down and does not last very long.

2. Body and Soul Affairs

This case is the deadliest. It’s almost like a real relationship. The two have sex, have an emotional dependency, and feel complete in each other’s company. They see each other as soul mates. This kind of affair can ruin the marriage just because the relationship seems perfect! It is more spiritual than physical and emotional. They feel the need to touch each other constantly, and the isolation makes them extremely painful. It is an affair that leads to divorce and remarriage.

3. Imaginary AFFAIRS

Human beings are capable of creating confusion as they wish. It describes entirely hypothetical cases. A co-worker or a friend of a gym probably likes to spend time with you, but you secretly explain to yourself that you’re both made for each other, and he’ll leave his partner to be with you. This commitment is only one-sided and the perfect mix for disaster.

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Cause of Extramarital Affairs

1. Forced Marriage

Marriage done under the pressure of family members can become the reason for an extramarital affair. This often happens in arranged marriages. Most people in this type of relationship want to have someone else as a partner. In such a situation, due to the coercion of the family, they get married. Still, they cannot bind themselves in that relationship and even after marriage, they keep on loving someone else.

2. Haste in Marriage

Getting married at an early age or getting ready for marriage immediately after meeting a partner is also one of the reasons for an extra-marital affair. People decide to get married in a hurry without knowing their partner well, but when they gradually understand their partner when they are together, they start to lose their relationship. Because of this, it can often attract people to a new relationship.

3. A Changeable Situation

After marriage, everything changes in the life of a boy and a girl. They have to go through social, physical and emotional changes. All these changes can sometimes become a difficult path for them. Some people may lose their balance in the relationship when facing these changes, and their inclination toward the new relationship may increase.

4. Haste in Family Planning

Immediately after marriage, you should give enough time to adjust yourself to your new relationship and understand your partner, but some people do children without any family planning. Due to this, they forget to enjoy their personal life, and they start looking for a new relationship. In such a situation, along with the new relationship, the child’s responsibility also comes on them, increasing their duties’ scope.

5. Bad Physical Relationship

A marriage relationship requires trust and respect, but it is also essential to have an excellent physical relationship experience. When the partner is not physically satisfied with the partner, the partner may start looking for a new partner to fulfill his need.

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6. Lack of Emotional Connection

Looking at some couples, it seems as if they are made for each other, but due to the lack of an emotional relationship between them, their relationship is like a raw door. This natural door can be broken anytime by the arrival of a third in the relationship between the two.

7. Lack of Money

Lack of money can also be considered a reason for extra-marital affairs. If the partner cannot meet his partner’s needs financially or their position is fragile financially, this can increase fights in the relationship. Because of this, he may have thoughts of separation from his partner. At the same time, they start looking for a partner who can meet their economic needs.

8. Different Priorities of Life

Everyone’s way of thinking is different. Everyone’s priorities in life are different. Its effect can also affect married life. In such a situation, both of them have to compromise to reconcile with each other. If this does not happen, there may be a rift in the relationship between the two. In such a situation, the possibility of an extra-marital affair can also increase.

9. Lack of Fun in Life

Whether the relationship is of marriage or lovers, it is necessary to have some mischief and fun in it and love. If there won’t be fun in the relationship, the partners can get bored of each other very quickly. Some people can also have an extramarital affair to have fun and fun in life in such a situation.

10. Wife Getting Pregnant

One of the reasons for an extra-marital affair maybe the wife getting pregnant. One study clearly mentions that some men may be attracted to having physical relations with another woman when their wife are pregnant.

Effect of Extramarital Affairs on Relationships

Some couples easily handle cases of extra-marital affairs, but some couples are not able to do so. Because of this, their married life gets affected. They face many difficulties, from the private to the social level as well, which are the following:

1. Divorce

Due to extra-marital affairs, the marriage relationship may end; most people think it is better to end their relationship with a cheating partner. Hearing the news of the partner’s affair, the partner can get divorced.

2. Hurting Self-Esteem

The self-respect of the person who has been cheated in marital relations can get hurt. This may make him feel a lack of self-esteem. He can even consider himself to be the reason. Because of this, after the end of this relationship, they are not ready to go to another relationship quickly. They may also have a fear of past results in a new relationship.

3. Having an Emotional Imbalance

A partner who is cheated on can lose his or her emotional balance. Emotionally, he can be susceptible to every relationship. A feeling of insecurity about losing all the relationships one by one may arise in their mind. The fear of losing every connection may sit in their minds.

4. Have Trouble Trusting the People

The partner suffering from the affair may have a trust issue in life. They may find it difficult to trust other people quickly after this incident. They can start looking at every relationship and someone’s point of view with suspicion. They may be hesitant to trust even the point of a trustworthy person.

5. Keeping the Feeling of the Mind inside Oneself

While some partners may shout or fight when they hear about the affair, some people may keep themselves calm by hearing the news of the matter. They can keep their sense of mind inside themselves. They may have trouble understanding whether or not to express their feelings in front of someone.

6. Affecting social life

The news of the affair can affect the woman’s life, especially socially. If the cheating in the relationship comes from the husband’s side, then family members, relatives, and others start sympathizing with the woman. If an affair in the connection comes from the wife’s side, then people can also throw her out of society, and she may have to hear many kinds of taunts on the social level.

Some Factors of Extramarital Affairs

  1. Due to the new resources, it has become relatively easy to have an extra-marital affair. For example, when a person creates an account on social media, he puts his status single in it. Such people make new friendships and then express their desire to meet them.
  2. Smartphones also prove to be very helpful in this case—especially apps like WhatsApp, which are enough to talk through messages.
  3. Due to internet shopping, the number of extra-marital affairs has also increased. When you have to give a gift to a girlfriend, people go straight to internet shopping.
  4. Nowadays, people make secret bank accounts after the affair so no one can know where and how much their money is being spent, not even their wife.

Keeping in mind the Reasons for Extramarital Affairs mentioned in the article, you can take a necessary step toward improving your married life in the right way. Remember this can prove to be helpful not only in boosting morale but also for your future.

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