How To Use Hair Straightener Safely At Home In The Best Way

How to use hair straightener: Do you also want to get a sleek hairdo to look beautiful? So just blow-drying is not enough for your hair. All you really need is a hair straightener. These days straight hair is trendy, and it looks good on all types of faces. If the hair can get such a good look, it is only because of the hair straightener. But many people do not know how to use a hair straightener properly.

Do you also want to know the nuances of straightening hair without reducing its natural moisture? So let us tell you today how to use it so that you can get a killer look. so let’s start How to use hair straightener safely at home

Choose The Right Type Of Hair Straightener

Before using a hair straightener at home, it is very important to choose the right type of hair straightener. Using a lousy iron can seriously damage the hair. Choosing the right hair straightener is just as important as preparing your hair for the straightening method. There are so many hair straightening brands in the market that can confuse you.

There are many straighteners in which flat irons are the best. They may be a bit expensive compared to other types but are the best in terms of security. When you’re shopping for a hair straightener, try to choose a straightener that comes with a ceramic coating. This type of product is gentle on the hair and provides extra shine and health to the hair.

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How To Use Hair Straightener At Home Step By Step Process

Let’s tell you today how to use straightener so that you can get a killer look. Using a hair straightener at home is not a difficult task. Here is a simple step-by-step guide for you on how to use hair straightener for the first time or how to use straightener without damaging hair

Step 1

To straighten hair, first of all, wash your hair as curly hair tends to get frizzy very quickly. So use frizz-fighting shampoo and conditioner for hair wash. Also, remember to always use lukewarm water for hair wash as hot water strips the natural oils from the scalp. This increases the frizziness of the hair. After shampooing, don’t forget to use the conditioner.

Step 2

If you want to straighten hair with straightening iron, use a heat-protecting cream or mist. Heat styling damages the hair, and heat-protecting sprays or creams protect the hair from direct heat. Apply the spray to your hair from a distance of about six inches. Then comb the hair well.

Step 3

Whenever you are going to use the hair straightener, wipe it with a wet cloth. Make sure that there is no dirt or liquid in its base.

Step 4

For a natural look, blow dry your hair before straightening it. This will go a long way in getting you shiny hair. Apart from this, keep in mind that before straightening, dry the hair thoroughly.

Step 5

Before straightening the hair, divide the hair well into different parts. Now, if you want to straighten, start from the bottom and then go up.

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Step 6

Do not clamp the straightener too tight. Just make sure that your grip on the straightener remains good. Instead, to straighten the hair, it is enough to have the right temperature of its heat.

Step 7

Set the temperature of the machine. Keeping the texture of your hair in mind, set the temperature of the device. But do not keep its temperature so fast that only the hair gets burnt. Refer to the manual for directions. or To set the correct temperature of the hair straightener, follow these tips mentioned below-

If you have soft or damaged hair, set the temperature for such hair to 93 to 149°C.

If you have thick and healthy hair, set the straightener’s temperature to 149 to 177°C.

If your hair is very thick and curly, set the temperature to 177 to 205°C.

Step 8

Keeping the straightener about an inch away from the roots, continue to straighten your hair and straighten the hair section by section.

Step 9

Once you have straightened the hair, apply sebum to it to shine and look glossy.

After knowing how to use hair straightener at home, let’s know some tips for straightening hair with a hair straightener-

Tips for straightening hair with a hair straightener

After explaining how to use hair straightener at home, we are telling some tips, these tips mentioned below will make it easier to straighten hair at home. This will make it much easier to straighten the hair before going to any party function.

  1. To avoid burns while using the straightener, follow all the guidelines for using the straightener.
  2. If you want to straighten hair, make sure that your hair is not oiled before using the flat iron; otherwise, it can burn the hair.
  3. If you want to straighten the hair, make sure that there is no moisture in the hair. If the hair is wet, it can cause more damage.
  4. After straightening the hair temporarily, pay attention not to get water or sweat in any way; otherwise, the straightening will start opening.
  5. Set the temperature of the machine in advance. Set the straightener’s temperature keeping in mind the texture of the hair. Always keep the temperature low enough not to burn the hair.
  6. Do not use the straightener more than three or four times a week. Excessive heat styling products can make hair dry and lifeless, no matter how much heat protection spray you apply.
  7. While blow-drying the hair, keep the dryer in a downward direction.

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