Oziva Protein Powder for Weight Gain (Let Know Oziva Protein Powder Benefits and Side Effects)

Oziva Protein Powder Benefits, Uses and Side Effects: in this article, we going to tell you how to use Oziva protein powder for weight gain. It is a protein supplement, packed with lots of vitamins, minerals, and ayurvedic herbs. Oziva products are ISO certified and FSSAI approved, also produced with adherence to GMP compliance which contains high quality and valuable ingredients.

Oziva Gainer & Herbs, High Protein Mass Gainer (Pack of 2) Chocolate contains Ashwagandha, Pippali, Tulsi, Ginger, Yestimadhu, Ginseng, and Spirulina 20 grams of protein and 70 grams of complex carbs 28 essential vitamins and minerals.

It helps in maintaining good health by meeting the daily protein requirement. It is a blend of ayurvedic herbs that help in recovery, rapid muscle gain, and improved appetite.

Oziva Protein Powder Benefits

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Oziva Protein Powder for Weight Gain

  1. It is primarily a protein supplement, so it will provide you with a good boost of protein and thus your muscles will be maintained (ie existing muscles will become healthy and toned). as well as if you are very thin or have excess fat; Your muscles will take nourishment and begin to develop well.
  2. It contains BCAA and glutamic acid. These amino acids really help with muscle building, maintenance, and recovery for those working out together.
  3. All of these additional vitamins (such as vitamins C, B12, A, D and other B vitamins) have specific roles, and a deficiency in any of them can lead to malfunction of the body. Together, they will also promote a healthy immune system, healthy bones, skin and hair, proper vision, healthy blood vessels, proper functioning of the heart and kidneys, and a healthy reproductive system!
  4. A great source of omega 3 and fiber, flaxseed has also been added. Omega-3 helps in lowering cholesterol and hence prevents cardiovascular diseases. They help reduce lipid levels, maintain good vision, bone and joint health, promote skin health, prevent inflammation, prevent auto immune diseases, and maintain an overall good metabolism.
  5. The ‘Herbal Blend’ contains certain herbs to help you deal with the consequences of aging, stress, and a poor lifestyle. This supplement helps you achieve a strong and well-functioning ‘reproductive system’.
  6. The metabolic blend includes herbs that are known to positively affect metabolism while protecting you from the risk of inflammation and various diseases.

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Can I use Oziva Protein Powder to gain weight?

Oziva Protein Powder can assist in adding more muscle mass to your body and can certainly improve the quality of your muscles and help you reach a healthy weight if you are very thin.

Also, Oziva protein contains ‘whey’, so it is not like a mass gainer. But you can achieve good health, strong muscles and a healthy weight with its use.

How to use Oziva protein powder?

2 scoops (100 g) of Oziva Protein is to be dissolved in 300 ml of water or milk (of your choice). Blend it using a shaker or a mechanized blender and your Oziva Protein Shake is ready.

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When should I consume Oziva Protein Powder?

It is best to have this shake after your workout (within 45 minutes after exercising) or it can be taken in breakfast to start your day with a healthy drink. Also, it can be added anywhere between meals to replace unhealthy snacks. Or if you are told to consume it before sleeping, then take it 45-60 minutes before sleeping, so that it can be able to repair the muscles overnight.

Who can use Oziva protein powder?

It can be used by both women and men between the age of 16 to 60 years. It has been developed after intensive research work done by expert nutritionists. Its formulation is such that it can be beneficial to all (as claimed by the company).

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Oziva Protein side effects

  1. OZIVA (company) claims that the product is completely safe to use without any side effects and that the product is beneficial for everyone, whoever uses it. Yet some users may complain of constipation as a result of its use.
  2. Include fiber-rich foods (fruits, vegetables, grains, etc.) in the diet for better bowel movements and nutrient absorption. In case of bloating, try using it in plain water instead of milk.
  3. Do not use more than the recommended intake of one scoop and keep yourself well hydrated throughout the day.
  4. Avoid using this product in case of lactose intolerance, as it contains whey protein which is derived from milk.

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