Know Easy Way How To Do Pawanmuktasana Yoga (Wind-relieving Pose) Their Steps And 10 Benefits

Pawanmuktasana Yoga (Wind-relieving pose) Steps, Benefits and Precautions: Yoga is essential for our changing lifestyles. Many problems have arisen due to increasing pollution and changing diet, which hinders keeping the body healthy. In such a situation, practicing yoga and pranayama for some time reduces the risk of you having many serious problems.

Yogasanas make our body strong, flexible and beautiful. Yoga reduces many physical and mental problems such as stress, tension, Stress, depression and insomnia and helps maintain good health.

Although there are many types of yoga, today we have brought this article for you; in this article, you will know what is Pawanmuktasana, how to do Pawanmuktasana and what are the benefits of Pawanmuktasana and benefits of Pawanmuktasana and what is the right way to do Pawanmuktasana. so, let’s start.

What is Pawanmuktasana Yoga (Wind-relieving pose)?

Pawanamuktasana Pose is made up of two Sanskrit words Pawan and Mukta, where Pawan means (air) and Mukta means to withdraw (release). As the name suggests, this asana helps in removing excessive gas from the stomach (digestive system). Therefore it is also called Wind-Relieving Pose in English.

This Yogasan expels gas from the body; hence it is also called (Gas Releasing Yoga). Generally, patients suffering from poor digestive problems are also advised to perform Pawanmuktasana. This asana is considered very important for good digestion. It is a yoga posture that increases the efficiency of the stomach and cures stomach diseases. Although there is some difficulty performing this asana initially, it can be done quickly by its regular practice.

Level: Basic

Style: Vinyasa

Duration: 10 to 60 seconds

Repetition: None

Stretches: Abdomen, Lower Back, Arms

Strengthens: Back, Digestive System, Reproductive System

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Preparatory Poses

  • Marjariasana or Cat Pose
  • Balasana or Child’s Pose

How To Do Pawanmuktasana Yoga (Wind-relieving pose) Step By Step Procedure

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Pawanmuktasana Yoga (Wind-relieving pose) Steps, Benefits and Precautions

There are many benefits of yoga, yoga brings positivity, and at the same time, it cures diseases and keeps you healthy. Yoga only benefits when you do it properly, then let us know the Steps of Pawanmuktasana Pose

  1. First of all, lie down on your yoga mat with your back straight.
  2. Bend your knees and bring your thighs towards the chest.
  3. Just below the knees, hold the fingers of the two hands together with each other.
  4. Now “Pawanmuktasana” means take a deep breath and leave the spring.
  5. Now while exhaling, bring both the knees as far as possible towards the chest.
  6. Raise your head above the ground and will try to touch the nose with the knee.
  7. Now stay in this posture for 30 seconds and keep breathing deeply.
  8. Then, while exhaling slowly, bring the head and feet back to the previous position.
  9. Do not make any changes on your part with all the steps of Pawanmuktasana. It is essential to practice all the steps of this asana to get the gas out of the digestive system.

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Why is it important to do Pawanmuktasana Yoga (Wind-relieving pose)?

It is best to practice this asana in the morning to remove all the trapped gases in your digestive system. This should be one of the first asanas that you practice because after releasing excessive gases from the body, it will become easier for you to practice other asanas. With regular practice of this asana, you will make your body feel calm, happy, energized and refreshed. Yoga should be practiced at least five to six hours after meals when both your stomach and intestines are empty.

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Pawanmuktasana Yoga (Wind-relieving pose) Benefits

Yoga can relieve many types of physical and mental problems, so let us know, What are the Benefits of Pawanmuktasana Yoga (Wind-relieving pose)

1. Relieve Acidity & Gas

If you are often troubled by acidity and gas, this asana is very beneficial for you, and you have to practice this yoga, which will help get rid of your constipation and gas problem.

2. Reduce Belly Fat

Suppose you want to reduce excess abdominal fat. In that case, there may not be a better option for you because the practice of this asana puts pressure on your abdominal muscles, which reduces belly fat rapidly.

3. Beneficial for Menstruation

This asana helps women to get rid of problems during menstruation. It is also very beneficial in diseases of the uterus.

4. Beneficial for the heart

This asana increases blood circulation and also prevents blood clots from forming. Also, cholesterol level is under control, and this will keep your heart healthy, and at the same time, you will be protected from heart diseases.

5. Reduces the risk of Stress

Pawanmuktasan is also beneficial in problems of arthritis, sciatica etc. Apart from this, doing this asana daily keeps you depression-free, and it also reduces the risk of Stress, which is good for your health.

6. Reduce back pain

If you are suffering from a sciatica problem or are often troubled by back pain, you should practice this yoga asana daily.

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7. Strengthen The Spine

The practice of this asana causes a spasm on the spine, which helps strengthen your spine, which makes your spine flexible and strong.

8. Beeneficial for the lungs

If you regularly practice this asana, then blood circulation in the body remains good, which keeps the lungs healthy and functioning smoothly.

9. Beneficial for the stomach

When you practice Wind-relieving pose, there is pressure on the stomach and other senses, which causes abdominal massage. As a result, this asana removes air from the abdomen and maintains digestive function.

10. Strengthens the Muscles of Hands and Feet

When this yoga pose is practiced, the hands and feet stretch muscles, making our hands and feet strong.

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Pawanmuktasana Yoga (Wind-relieving pose) Steps By Steps Instructions Yoga for Adriene

Follow-up Poses

  • savasana or corpse pose

Pawanmuktasana Yoga (Wind-relieving pose) Precautions

Along with knowing how to perform Pawanmuktasana and what are the benefits of Pawanmuktasana Pose, it is also essential to know about some precautions related to it, let us know what safeguards and precautions a person should take while doing Pawanmuktasana Pose So now let’s know Who should not do Pawanmuktasana Yoga (Wind-relieving pose)?

  1. If you have a hernia or bleeding, heart problem and slip disc problem, this asana should be avoided.
  2. Pregnant women should not practice this without the approval of doctors.
  3. If you have undergone any abdominal surgery recently, you should avoid doing this asana because this asana puts a lot of pressure on the stomach.
  4. If someone has problems with the neck and shoulders, do not practice it.
  5. If you have high blood pressure, take proper precautions in performing Pawanmuktasana.
  6. If you have chest pain or chronic neck injury, this asana should be done after consulting a doctor.

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Initially to start with at least 10 seconds and gradually increase to one minute.

After knowing all these qualities, we hope you will never have to say how to do Pawanmuktasana Yoga (Wind-relieving pose) And What are its Benefits, Steps & precautions.

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