Soaked Raisins for Weight Gain


Soaked raisins for weight gain: There are many ways to lose weight, but prescriptions are not easily available for weight gain. If you are skinny and want to increase your weight, even small raisins can overcome the problem of thinness. If you include raisins in your diet correctly, you can overcome the complaint of low body weight.

By consuming raisins daily, you can fulfil the desire to gain weight. For this reason, the consumption of raisins is considered beneficial for weight gain. Raisins are one such dry fruit that can join you in your fight against the skinny gene. Here, we will know how to use raisins to gain weight and how they can be beneficial. So let’s know soaked (kismis) raisins for weight gain-

Why is raisins beneficial in gaining weight?

Raisins are considered beneficial in increasing weight in three ways. First, calorie intake can be increased by including it in the diet. Second, raisins are a source of natural sugar. Third, the carbohydrates present in it help increase weight. We are giving detailed information about these three points further in the article.

1. Calories

Health experts say that if you include more calories in your diet, it can help you gain weight. For this reason, raisins are considered helpful in increasing the weight of those who are underweight. There are 129 calories in one serving, i.e. 43 grams of raisins. On this basis, we can say that adding raisins to the diet and other calorie-rich foods can help increase weight.

2. Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates can also help maintain a healthy weight. A hundred grams of raisins contain 79 grams of carbohydrates. These carbohydrates are one of the macronutrients. They provide energy to the body. In this case, the body can get extra energy by consuming carbohydrates. Research states that excess energy intake can contribute to weight gain.

3. Fructose

Raisins also contain a good amount of sugar. About 100 grams of raisins contain 65.18 grams of sugar. This sugar has the highest amount of fructose. Eating high-fructose-rich foods can help with weight gain. For this reason, we can say that it is a good idea to include raisins for weight gain diet.

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How can raisins help in gaining weight?

To gain weight, you have to consume more calories in the body, and 100 grams of raisins contain about 299-calories, 0.46 grams-fats, 79.18 grams of carbs, and 3.07 grams-proteins; which is about 15% of your daily caloric intake. Therefore, you can use raisins to gain weight and get many healthful nutrients. On this basis, we can say that raisins can effectively help you healthily gain weight.

How to use raisins for weight gain?

One can use Raisins for weight gain in many ways. Some of these effective methods are mentioned below here.

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Raisins for Weight Gain

1. Raisins with Milk

To gain weight, you can eat raisins mixed with milk or eat raisins by grinding them in milk; Or you can also eat whole raisins with milk.

2. Soaking overnight

You can also use raisins by soaking them overnight for weight gain. First, wash the raisins and soak them overnight in clean water. Then drink this water first thing in the morning and then chew the raisins and eat them.

3. Raisin Sweet (Laddu)

You can also make sweet (laddu) by adding raisins. For this, grinding brown and black raisins can be made by mixing them with other dry fruits or some other ingredients of choice.

4. With dry fruits

Raisins can be eaten whole like this along with other dry fruits. In this way also weight can be increased with raisins.

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5. Raisins and Roasted Black Chickpeas

To gain weight, this is also a way to eat raisins. Like jaggery and black gram, mix raisins according to the need with roasted black gram and eat.

6. Pudding

Raisins can also be added along with other ingredients while making the pudding. By doing this, raisins can help in increasing weight.

7. Mix with Oats

Raisins can also be used for sweetness while making oats. The use of raisins, oats and other calorie-rich diets can help gain weight.

8. Muffins

You can also use raisins when making muffins or pancakes. The raisins present in them will help in increasing weight.

What should be the daily dosage of raisins for weight gain?

You can include 10 to 15 raisins in your diet daily to gain weight. For this, you should soak them in water first or take them with milk. By the way, this quantity may be more or less according to the age and health of the person. So for the correct information about its dosage, definitely contact the dietician.

Precautions of raisins for weight gain?

Along with knowing the benefits of raisins, it is also essential to be aware of their possible disadvantages. We will throw light on this topic further. Along with the loss of raisins, we are also telling some precautions related to it-

  • risk of allergies
  • gas and diarrhoea problem
  • risk of type 2 diabetes
  • Soak raisins in clean water only after washing them
  • Avoid consuming it in excess

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