Know In Easy Way How To Do Vajrasana Yoga (Thunderbolt Pose) Their Steps And 15 Benefits

Vajrasana Yoga (Thunderbolt Pose) Steps, Benefits and Precautions: It is considered good to include yoga in the routine to lead a disease-free life. Perhaps that is why people around the world have started adopting Yoga.

Not one or two, but a variety of yogas can be done to stay healthy. One of these yogas is Vajrasana. Vajrasana is considered to be very beneficial for the body.

in this article, you will know that what is Vajrasana Yoga (Thunderbolt Pose), how to do Vajrasana Yoga (Thunderbolt Pose), and what are the health benefits of Vajrasana Yoga (Thunderbolt Pose) and what is the right way to perform Vajrasana Yoga (Thunderbolt Pose), So Let’s start.

What is Vajrasana Yoga (Thunderbolt Pose)?

This asana is pronounced as Vahj-rah-sah-na.  Vajrasana Yoga makes the body strong and powerful like Vajra. Hence it is called Vajrasana. This asana is very important in Hatha Yoga because by doing Diamond Pose, spiritual power is developed. This asana can be easily done by both men and women alike.

The word Vajrasana initially consists of two Sanskrit words, vajra and asana. In Sanskrit, Vajra means celestial lightning. According to our Hindu mythology, Vajra has been celebrated as Indra Dev’s weapon, where Vajra means power and asana means pose or posture. Vajrasana means – the posture that provides strength.

Vajrasana Yoga is also known by other names such as Thunderbolt Pose, Adamantine pose, Diamond Pose, Nosing Pose, and Pelvic Pose.

Vajrasana is a simple sitting posture in which you have to sit on your knees and then keep your entire body’s weight on your knees. Performing Vajrasana is beneficial for many parts of your body.

By performing Vajrasana, the spine and shoulders are straight and blood circulation in the body is correct. Its practice helps you to increase digestive power. By doing this asana, the problem of digestion goes away from the root.

After a meal, the food is digested quickly by sitting for ten minutes in Vajrasana. By doing this yoga asana, indigestion, acidity, gas, constipation is eliminated. This is the only posture you can do even after eating food.

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Thunderbolt Pose Vajrasana Benefits

Yoga can relieve many types of physical and mental problems, so let us know, What are the Benefits of Vajrasana pose (Thunderbolt Pose).

  1. Vajrasana heals 72,000 nadis (pulses) of the body, which has a beneficial effect on the navel (which is considered the centre of 72,000 pulses).
  2. This posture cures jaundice and lung-related diseases.
  3. Regular practice of Vajrasana helps keep you away from diseases like varicose veins, joint pain and arthritis.
  4. Apart from this, this pose is also helpful in removing problems related to muscles.
  5. This asana also makes the pelvic muscles strong in the body.
  6. This asana strengthens the body, and at the same time, it increases the eyes’ light.
  7. Thunderbolt Pose strengthens the back and relieves patients suffering from lower back problems and sciatica.
  8. This posture prevents hernias and also helps in getting relief from Piles (haemorrhoids).
  9. This asana improves digestion, and with its regular practice, it eliminates constipation.
  10. Due to better digestion, it prevents stomach-related diseases like ulcers and acidity.
  11. Vajrasana is a beneficial asana for women as it helps reduce labour pains and also reduces menstrual cramps.
  12. By doing Vajrasana, the breath is better, which removes the problem of anxiety and tension. Deep breathing and exhalation during this asana help relieve breathing problems.
  13. This asana concentrates the mind by removing the hyperbola and increases the memory power.
  14. This asana is also beneficial in awakening the Kundalini Shakti.
  15. By doing this asana, toxins (toxins) are removed from the body and skin, making the skin soft, smooth and glowing on the face.

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Preparatory Poses

  • Ardha Shalabhasana
  • Shalabhasana

How To Do Vajrasana Yoga (Thunderbolt Pose) Step By Step Procedure

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Vajrasana Yoga (Thunderbolt Pose) Steps, Benefits and Precautions

For doing any asana, you should choose a good place where you feel comfortable practising yoga; making yourself feel comfortable is the initial yoga stage. So Now Let’s know How to do Vajrasana Pose (Thunderbolt Pose)

  1. First of all, Straighten the body on the ground and sit on your knees.
  2. Bend the knees of your feet and keep them together while dragging the lower legs backward.
  3. Now in this situation, your foot’s big fingers and thumbs should meet each other, and both feet’ heels should be different.
  4. Now bend your knees and sit down so that your buttocks (Hips) come between the two heels, the toes of both the legs are joined together, and the heels are also distinguished.
  5. Keep your head and waist straight.
  6. Now place both your hands on your knees and keep your eyes straight in front.
  7. Now Close your eyes and keep your mind calm, and focus on the speed of your breath; make sure that you keep an equal focus on inhaling and exhaling.
  8. If you are starting to do yoga, do it for only 5–10 minutes initially.
  9. After getting used to it, you can increase your time from 20 to 30 minutes.
  10. Do Vajrasana as long as possible – perform this asana for at least 5 minutes to increase the digestion, especially immediately after meals.

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Vajrasana Yoga (Thunderbolt Pose) Step By Step Instructions

Vajrasana Yoga (Thunderbolt Pose) Steps, Benefits and Precautions

Modification/Beginner’s Tips of Vajrasana Yoga (Thunderbolt Pose)

At the beginning of Vajrasana in the beginners, the ingestion of Vajrasana can cause pain in the ankles only after a short time. If this happens, you don’t have to do anything.

Just come out of the posture to fix it, move the feet and shake the legs until the stiffness or pain goes away, then undo the posture or else Start with To make Vajrasana posture a little more pleasing, you can place a blanket or small pillow between the buttocks and the heel.

Vajrasana Yoga (Thunderbolt Pose) Precautions

Along with knowing how to do Vajrasana Pose, it is also necessary to learn about some precautions related to it, let us know what precaution a person should take while performing Thunderbolt Pose. So now let’s know Who should not do Vajrasana Pose?

  • If you have any knee problem or you have undergone knee surgery in recent times, then you should not do this asana.
  • While doing this asana, you do not need to bend your spine or put too much pressure on it to sit.
  • Those who have any problem in the spine or have any pain or discomfort in the vertebrae of your body, they should not do Vajrasana.
  • If you suffer from hernia, intestinal ulcers, and other diseases related to small and large intestines or arthritis, please practice Vajrasana under expert guidance and advice.
  • If you have rib bones or those whose bones are weak, those people should not perform Vajrasana.
  • Pregnant women also should not take it easy. If while practicing this asana, they should keep their knees slightly apart to avoid putting pressure on their stomach.
  • In Vajrasana, if there are more stretch and tension in the legs or ankles, this asana should be stopped quickly.

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The Science Behind Vajrasana Yoga (Thunderbolt Pose)

It is a meditation posture, but it can be challenging to sit in this asana; it is the only posture done after having a meal; it is advisable to sit in Vajrasana for ten minutes after dinner. If Vajrasana is practiced after a meal, it gradually begins to cure every disease associated with the stomach and digestive system. Vajrasana controls blood circulation in the lower part of the body. Sitting on your feet reduces blood flow to the feet and increases blood in the area of ​​digestion, resulting in increased digestive power.

Follow-Up Poses

  • Makarasana
  • Balasana
  • Shavasana

After knowing all these qualities, we hope you will never have to say how to do Vajrasana Yoga (Thunderbolt Pose) And What are its Benefits, Steps & precautions.

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