Viparita Karani Yoga (Legs Up the Wall Pose) Steps, Benefits and Precautions

Viparita Karani Yoga (Legs Up the Wall Pose) Steps, Benefits, and Precautions: Due to changing weather and deteriorating lifestyle, people can easily fall prey to diseases. It is necessary to avoid this, to stay healthy, and for this, yoga practice is a good option. Especially, with that yoga, which not only reduces wrinkles but also prevents aging.

This is the reason why in this article we have brought information related to Viparita Karani Yoga. Here we will explain in very simple words what is the Viparita Karani and how to do Viparita Karani. Along with this, we will also explain the advantages or benefits of doing the Viparita Karani. So let’s start the article and know the benefits of Viparita Karani (Legs Up the Wall Pose).

What is Viparita Karani Yoga (Legs Up the Wall Pose)?

Viparita Karani is a Sanskrit word, which represents an act of being inverted. It consists of two words, the first-word Viparita meaning “opposite or reverse” and the second word Karani, which means “to do”. In this asana, you have to move your feet upwards like Sarvangasana. This asana is beneficial for our body in many ways.

Level: Basic

Style: Hatha Yoga

Duration: 5 to 15 minutes

Repetition: None

Stretches: Front torso, Back of the neck, Back legs

This asana is also known as the legs up the wall pose (Legs Up the Wall pose). Some Hindu scriptures say that doing the opposite not only reduces wrinkles but also prevents old age.

Opposite Karna Yoga Asana is a refreshing and inverted posture that relieves the spine, legs, and nervous system. This asana gradually brings the body to a state of complete rest. It calms the brain and makes it more self-conscious.

Preparatory Poses

Viparita Karani Yoga Asana Mudra (Legs Up the Wall pose) Benefits

Viparita Karani is one of the advanced yoga methods, which has many health benefits; If you read the health benefits of Viparita Karani Mudra, you would like to do this yoga posture every day because it keeps all the internal organs of your body strong and healthy. This asana is a boon for a person who desires good health. So let us know, What are the Benefits of Viparita Karani (Legs Up the Wall Pose)

1. Relief from migraine and headache

To perform this asana, you have to keep your head down on the floor and feet upward, which leads to fresh blood in the head, which relieves the symptoms of mild depression and insomnia. Doing the opposite is such an asana, which helps to please and calm the mind. This asana provides relief from migraine and headaches.

2. Relieve stomach problem

Doing the Legs Up the Wall Pose removes the complaints of constipation and keeps our digestive system healthy. This asana helps cure other diseases like urinary disorders, high blood pressure, low blood pressure, arthritis, etc. It improves the immune system and brings fresh blood and lymph fluid to your stomach and all organs.

3. Beneficial for menstrual problems

Legs up the wall pose or vice versa yoga poses remove menstrual problems occurring in women. This asana reduces menopause and menstrual cramps. This asana helps in testicular, semen in men, and ovarian problems in women.

4. Relieves back pain

In contrast, the front of the torso, behind the neck, legs, and back, has a good stretch and relieves mild pain. This asana cures tired feet. It also helps to keep you young.

5. Beneficial for Respiratory diseases

To do the Viparita Karni Mudra, you have to control your breath, which resolves respiratory problems. With this, this asana improves the problems of the eyes and ears.

How To Do Viparita Karani Yoga (Legs Up the Wall pose) Step By Step Procedure

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Viparita Karani Yoga (Legs Up the Wall Pose) Steps, Benefits and Precautions

There are many benefits of yoga, yoga brings positivity, and at the same time, it cures diseases and keeps you healthy. Yoga only benefits when you do it properly, then let us know the Steps of Viparita Karani Pose

  1. First of all, you place a yoga mat on the floor and lie on your back on it to do this asana.
  2. Keep both your arms and legs straight on the ground.
  3. Now slowly raise both legs and let your upper body remain on the floor.
  4. When the legs reach 45 degrees, then raise the hips also by supporting the waist with hands.
  5. Now raise the legs until it is straight up.
  6. Make sure the elbows stay on the ground and support the waist with hands.
  7. The back should be about 45 degrees from the ground.
  8. If there are problems while doing this pose, you can keep a pillow or blanket under your hips.
  9. Close your eyes and in this case, you stop for at least five minutes.

Beginner’s Tip

If you are a beginner and are just beginning a yoga practice, you may have difficulty keeping your legs straight and at 90 degrees. So you can use the wall for this. For this, follow the steps given below.

  1. Laying your yoga mat on the edge of the wall with both your legs straight towards the wall.
  2. Now lift both your legs up and sit on the wall.
  3. Now straighten both the legs with the help of the wall and make a 90-degree angle on your waist.
  4. If you wish, you can place a pillow under the hips for your convenience.

Viparita Karani Yoga (Legs Up the Wall pose) Step By Step Instruction Given By Adriene

Viparita Karani Yoga Mudra (Legs Up the Wall Pose) Precautions

Along with knowing how to perform Viparita Karani mudra (Legs Up the Wall Pose) and what are the benefits of Viparita Karani Pose, it is also essential to know about some precautions related to it, let us know what safeguards and precautions a person should take while doing Legs Up the Wall Pose, So now let’s know Who should not do Viparita Karani Yoga (Legs Up the Wall Pose)?

  1. Women should not do this asana during menstruation.
  2. Avoid this asana if you have a severe problem like a cataract.
  3. If you have a back pain problem, do this asana by keeping a folded blanket under your back.
  4. A person with a hip or knee injury should avoid doing this asana.
  5. Pregnant women should avoid doing this asana.
  6. Patients with glaucoma, high blood pressure or hernia should not perform this asana.

Follow-Up Poses

  • Shavasana
  • Sitting Pranayama

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