Vrikshasana Yoga (Tree Pose) Steps, Benefits and Precautions

Vrikshasana Yoga or Tree Pose Steps, Benefits and Precautions: Yoga can help freshen the body and keep the mind calm. Although there are many Yogasanas for this, in this article we will only talk about Tree Yoga Pose.

The article explains in detail how to do Vrikshasana Yoga and the benefits of the Vrksasana as well as the disadvantages of the Vrikshasana Yoga.

It is also important for us to know that just doing a Vrikshasana Yoga Pose will not do any miracle. Along with this, it is also important to eat a nutritious diet and maintain a balanced lifestyle.

What is Vrikshasana Yoga (Tree Pose)?

Vrikshasana is made up of two words’ tree’ and ‘asana’. Where ‘tree’ means tree and ‘asana’ means Posture. When it comes to the presence of this asana, Vrikshasana is like a stable and graceful tree like pose. Therefore Vrikshasana is also called Tree pose.

Tree pose is the Posture in which Ravana pleased Lord Shiva by doing austerity for years; this is considered an invaluable posture since then. When you stabilize your body by stretching in this asana, it makes bones and joints strong and tones both the chest and hips as well. It also tones your shoulders and arms.

  • Level: Beginner
  • Style: Hatha Yoga
  • Repetitions: 30 to 60 seconds On Each Leg – Repeat 5 Times On Each Leg
  • Strengthens: Ankles, Thighs, Calves, Vertebral column
  • Stretches: Groin, Thighs, Shoulders, Thorax

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Keep in Mind Before Doing Vrikshasana Yoga (Tree Pose)

Vriksasana should be practiced in the morning. But if you are doing this asana in the evening, you must eat food at least 4 to 6 hours before. It is essential to make sure that you have defecate before doing the posture and the stomach is empty.

Preparatory Poses

  • Trikonasana
  • Baddha Konasana
  • Virabhadrasana II

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Vrikshasana Yoga (Tree Pose) Benefits

Tree Pose is one of the advanced yoga methods, which has many health benefits; If you read the health benefits of the Vrikshasana Yoga pose, you would like to do this yoga pose every day because it keeps all the internal organs of your body strong and healthy. This posture is a boon for a person who desires good health. So let us know, What are the Benefits of Vrikshasana Yoga Pose (Tree Pose)?

1. May beneficial for weak muscles

Vriksasana can also be beneficial for weak muscles. Vriksasana can help build the legs, ankles, calves, Cavs, knees, and thighs. This is confirmed by two different kinds of research based on Vriksasana. According to research, this yoga posture can help strengthen the muscles. It makes the muscles flexible when you do Vriksasana, which can strengthen the muscles (1) (2).

2. May help increase endurance

Vrikshasana is mainly a balancing pose, so it helps in improving both physical and emotional balance. At the same time, Vrikshasana can also be used to increase physical stamina. A study in this regard confirms this. Research has shown that tree plantation is beneficial for those with low stamina problems. Doing this can increase patience and endurance (1).

3. Strengthen the spine

You can strengthen the spine through Vrikshasana yoga. Research on the subject confirms this, which has been published on the website of NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information). The research was carried out using a variety of yoga asanas on 18 people. It found that a brief tree-asana did daily and other yoga asanas can help make the spine flexible and strong (3).

4. May Improve alertness and concentration

Vriksasana can improve alertness and concentration while keeping the mind healthy. It can also be beneficial in improving mood and relieving stress. Vriksasana creates a sense of balance inside the body.

It also helps in mental well-being, focusing and building concentration, which makes your mind sharp. This is confirmed by research related to NCBI. The research involved several yoga asanas, including Vrkshasana, to find out the effect of yoga.

The research found that practicing all yoga asanas requires breathing or focusing on a particular part of the body, which can be beneficial in improving the abilities of meditation and alertness. In addition, yoga may be beneficial in keeping the brain healthy by increasing blood flow to the brain and preventing neuronal damage (4).

5. For strong legs Vrikshasana pose

Vrikshasana can also be beneficial for strengthening the leg muscles. According to research, doing tree asanas and other asanas can help improve the dorsiflexion and planner flexion of weak feet. Dorsiflexion, i.e. ability to lift the toes upwards and handle the weight on the platter flexion, i.e. on the toe (5).

In addition, we have mentioned above that this asana can help strengthen the muscles of the entire body, including the legs. On this basis, this yoga asana can also be considered helpful in strengthening the feet.

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How To Do Vrikshasana Yoga (Tree Pose) Step By Step Procedure

Vrikshasana Yoga (Tree Pose) Steps, Benefits and Precautions
Vrikshasana Yoga (Tree Pose) Steps, Benefits and Precautions

There are many benefits of yoga, yoga brings positivity, and at the same time, it cures diseases and keeps you healthy. Yoga only benefits when you do it properly, then let us know What are the Steps of Vrikshasana Yoga Pose (Tree Pose)?

  1. First of all, place a yoga mat on the ground and stand upright on it.
  2. Place your hands on both sides of your body.
  3. Bend your right knee and place it on your left leg thigh.
  4. Make sure that the sole or upper of your foot is placed directly on your inner thigh.
  5. During this time, your left leg should be straight to maintain the balance of the body.
  6. Now take long and deep breaths in this posture.
  7. Raise your hands above your head, and bring your palms together and bring them into the posture of salutations.
  8. Now, if you want, you can focus on anything in this posture so that the state of equilibrium remains.
  9. Keep in mind that the spine, waist, and head are in a straight line during this time.
  10. Now stay in this posture for 3 to 5 minutes.
  11. To return to normalcy, take a deep breath and get into your initial posture.
  12. Now repeat these steps of the posture with the other leg.

Beginner’s Tip to do Vrikshasana Yoga (Tree Pose)

  • Practice this yoga on the wall in the beginning. When good practice is done, you should do this yoga away from the wall.
  • You can also use a chair to make balances that the leg placed on the thigh can be held on the chair and handled while the balance is disturbed.
  • Do not practice for long in the beginning. The practise time should be increased gradually.
  • It is vital to have complete information about this yoga before doing it, so practice it only after getting complete information.

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Vrikshasana Yoga Steps By Steps Method of Tree Pose with Adriene

Follow-Up Poses

  • Standing Poses

Vrikshasana Yoga (Tree Pose) Precautions

Along with knowing how to perform Vrikshasana Yoga and what are the benefits of Vrikshasana Pose, it is also essential to know about some precautions related to it, Generally, the practice of Tree Pose is safe in every way and can be practiced by everyone. let us know what safeguards and precautions a person should take while doing Tree Pose, So now let’s know Who should not do Vrikshasana Yoga Pose (Tree Pose)?

  1. Avoid doing this asana even if you have vertigo or migraine problem.
  2. Do not practice Tree Pose asana if you have migraines, low or high blood pressure problems.
  3. This asana should not be done even if there is a problem with arthritis.
  4. It should be best to do any yoga be done under the supervision of a good trainer or a yoga teacher.
  5. It would be best to do yoga in the correct posture and with the right information.
  6. During pregnancy, do yoga only on your doctor’s advice and do yoga under the supervision of a yoga teacher.

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After knowing all these qualities, we hope you will never have to say how to do Vrikshasana Yoga (Tree Pose) And What are its Benefits, Steps & precautions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Vrikshasana increase height?

Vriksasana yoga is an useful posture for increasing your height. By regularizing this asana, it not only helps in increasing your height, but it will also benefit your health. Actually, such exercises which involve stretching are also beneficial in increasing the body length and height. When you do stretching, it stretches your spine, the same stretching will not only bring your body heat but also increase the height.

What chakra is tree pose?

The Muladhara Chakra can be activated by the practice of Vriksasana, it is an asana associated with the earth. Because during this yoga you try to stabilize your body like a tree reaching the sky. This yoga activates the cycle on your coccyx (the small bone under your back bones).

How many times we can do Vrikshasana?

You can stay in Vrikshasana approximately typically held for 30 to 60 seconds On Each Leg and Repeat 5 Times On Each Leg. Tree Pose supports and strengthens the Ankles, Thighs, Calves, Vertebral column.

How long should one do Vrikshasana?

In the beginning, one should do Vrikshasana pose for 30-60 seconds, and once you are skilled in maintaining balance in this posture, then you can increase the time to 3 to 5 minutes according to your ability.

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